Evidence-based decision-making in Peel

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A workshop exploring the potential to support evidence-based decision-making through the application of consistent, reliable and relevant performance standards. Exciting stuff!


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    John Lambrecht
    December 4, 2012

    In a variance from your themes we used 3 themes for our strategic plan Peel 2032 – Productivity, Sustainability & Liveability – in keeping with the themes identified in the National Urban Policy.

    Under each of the themes we have tried to identify a set of performance measures based on data that is reliable, credible, publicly available, published regularly and can provide a snapshot of whether we (the
    region) are going forward as a region for each theme.

    Unfortunately, due resource limitations for data collection we have had to use other than ideal measures, and in the case of environmental sustainability have had to engage a consultant to locate the data we need.

    The measurements selected are:
    • Annual improvements in the average number of patent applications per 100,000 population from 2001
    • Improvements in the number of Innovative Start Ups
    • Year on year improvements in Peel schools NAPLAN testing results
    • Improved Peel region AEDI testing results
    • Increase in locally available tertiary education and VET options
    • Increased percentage of Peel people over 15 with post school qualifications
    • Instances other regions adopt service models developed in the Peel that use NBN and other new/emerging technologies
    • Effective intra and inter-regional public transport network operating in the Peel

    • Levels of nutrients and pollutants present in the Peel-Harvey Estuary
    • Numbers and intensity of toxic algal blooms in the Peel-Harvey Estuary
    • Area of regionally significant vegetation maintained in the Peel-Harvey catchment area
    • Level of thrombolite health
    • Changes in hydrology and environmental flows in the Peel-Harvey Estuary*
    • Aquatic flora and fauna species diversity and abundance
    • Avian species diversity and abundance
    • Changes in rates of sea level rises

    • Improvements in 8 UNHCR quality of life indicators across the Peel region
    • Effective intra and inter-regional transport links are established
    • Increase in business registrations and increase in employing businesses
    • Improvements in the number of Innovative Start Ups
    • Improved balance regional industry (in GDP and employment share)
    • Unemployment rates
    • Adequate levels of economic, social and environmental infrastructure
    • Levels of Government investment into the Peel region from Clean Energy Future package, Royalties for Regions, Regional Development Australia Fund
    • Progress towards achievement of Peel 2020 Vision
    • Increase in mean taxable income of the region

    For RDA the most important data that we don’t have would be (by LGA and region):
    • Employment self sufficiency rates
    • Internet use
    • Unemployment by age group
    • Business R&D investment
    • Investment in renewable energy technologies
    • Water usage (sources, industry & domestic use)

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      December 5, 2012

      Many thanks John,

      A great contribution! Just a question – how did you define and measure the ‘innovative start-ups’ performance measure?