23 March

Sydney Is Back Among The Top Ten Most Expensive Cities In The World

The Economist Worldwide Cost of Living survey that compares the relative cost of living across 133 cities sees Singapore retain its title as the world’s most expensive city for the fifth consecutive year. Top ten is largely dominated by major Asian and European cities, with Singapore, Hong Kong (4th), Sydney (10th) and Seoul (6th) competing […]

19 October
24 July

ICTC & Mainstreet Conference 2015

Pracsys’ own Principal Consultant, Jason McFarlane, recently presented at the ICTC & Mainstreet Conference 2015 on maximising place value using arts and technology. You can see his full speaker notes here.

8 April

RDA Smarter Cities Conference

Pracsys has been invited to participate in the Smarter Cities Conference – an initiative to help councils, senior executives and management learn how to effectively employ digital technology. Michael Chappell will be presenting on how to better engage constituents in order to achieve participative democracy and to manage change by measuring, analysing and transforming service […]

7 April

The future of a technological workforce

Imagine reversing your workweek with your weekend: Monday blues would skip straight through the week to the Friday highs and the weekend. Economist John Keynes envisioned this world in 1930, when he predicted that increases in technology would outpace any new uses we could find for labour [1]. Increased efficiency and automated technology would drive […]

3 April

The case against Geo-blocking

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When it comes to the price and choice of goods and services it’s fairly well established that Australia gets the short end of the stick. The advent of digital distribution should have diminished this imbalance by reducing costs and increasing the number of players consumers have access to. Unfortunately companies have used a technique known […]

27 March

PIA Presentation – March 2014

A recent presentation to the Planning Institute of Australia’s National Congress exploring the nature of change, and why planning and economic development initiatives need to look beyond trends if they are to be successful in delivering transformation.

12 March

Economic Activation in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

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The following Channel 7 News report covers a Pracsys project for the Sunshine Coast City Council and the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce to understand the drivers of economic activation in the main street of town – Bulcock St.  A series of revitalisation strategies are being formulated that will be prioritised and implemented by the Council […]

12 March

Creating Local Value: What motivates people to buy locally?

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The idea of “buying local” is one that bucks the trend for globalisation. As more and more goods become imported, it’s becoming increasingly important for many consumers to understand where the products they buy come from, and how they get to market. It’s a predicament that balances comparative advantage for production against the personal values […]

12 March

Love Local Presentation for Pollinators

This is a brief presentation given to “We Love Local? The ethics, marketing and economics of buying local” webinar hosted by Pollinators in Geraldton. We felt it was important for attendees to appreciate that a consumer’s perception of value can be made up of many elements.