12 December

Why The Failure of Employment Decentralisation Policy Is Good For The Economy

For the last decade the WA Department of Planning has progressively been introducing policy measures to decentralise employment across the Perth Metropolitan Region. This policy was formalised in Directions 2031 and Beyond, State Planning Policy 4.2: Activity Centres for Perth and Peel, and more recently, Perth and Peel@ 3.5 million. The rationale behind the decentralisation […]

21 November

Pracsys and City of Swan Scoop at the 2016 WA Planning Awards

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Pracsys and City of Swan Scoop at the 2016 WA Planning Awards

The City of Swan Strategy for an Aging Population by Pracsys and City of Swan have won the 2016 Planning Institute of Australia award for “Best Planning Ideas – Large Project”. The City of Swan have recognised the need for a strong, inclusive, implementable strategy to ensure their residents are able to enjoy an excellent […]

1 December

The Clash of Traditional Planning Controls and Emerging Business Models

In Western Australia what activities you can and can’t locate on any particular piece of land is governed by zones and land uses within a local planning scheme, each scheme unique to each local government area. Zones dictate the permissibility of different land uses in the area designated. Land uses describe a particular type of […]