16 September

Sustainability: A high stakes game

There is risk involved in any new development, but it’s a matter of how much risk we are prepared to take.
Pracsys has done a lot of financial analysis to determine whether sustainable technology, such as recycled water, is viable compared with current methods, such as traditional scheme water.

28 August

Don’t develop in isolation

Having access to land for a development or precinct is one thing; knowing what to do with it is a whole other ball game. It is not simply a case of “build it and they will come”.

31 July

Smart City Radio: Innovative Entrepreneur

Ron Kitchens is the CEO of Southwest Michigan First, a non-profit organization dedicated to being a catalyst for success in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Ron talks about incubating new companies in this economy and how smaller businesses can thrive when large corporations fail. Eric Mathews is the founder of Launch Memphis, an organisation that nurtures technology startups […]

29 July

Innovation 101: Lessons from Texas to Spain

These recent articles from The Economist offer many salient points for discussion, as well as valuable lessons for Australia’s future. The first, In Search of A New Economy, looks at the changing economy in Spain, where public spending on research and development has tripled, but the private sector has barely budged. The country’s new Minister […]

10 July

Directions 2031 takes Perth a step forward

By 2031, it is estimated another 556,000 people will be living in the Perth and Peel regions. Population growth brings with it myriad challenges, not the least of which is how to accommodate the extra bodies and cater for their needs.

1 June

Trading hours: Why Perth should stay open longer

Now that daylight saving has been given the heave-ho, the testy topic of retail trading hours is back in the headlines and clogging the airwaves. Will Perth get extended shopping hours? Will the shops stay open until 7pm or 9pm? Whatever way the politicians go (no referendum for this one), there is certain to be people unhappy with the decision.

29 May

Job measure short of the mark

The problem with buzz tools is they are often handled incorrectly. Take employment self-sufficiency (ESS), a metric that is without doubt a useful planning tool but, nonetheless, can not be turned to every task.

20 May

Planning change for the better

Anyone familiar with the classic Westerns knows that when the big guns come riding into town, that town is in for a real shake-up. Whatever the outcome of the inevitable shootout, come sun-up life will have fundamentally changed.

9 March

Flying high: Making the most of airports

The global economy is beating to the sound of a different drum. Forget location, location, location. It’s all about access, access, access. A vibrant airport is crucial to being competitive in such a market. We need to get away from the idea that airports are simply places where people fly in and fly out and […]

26 February

Sustainability: What it means for our cities

If Australia wants to be a prosperous nation in the future, it needs to pull together to ensure economically sustainable growth. With more than 75 percent of us tipped to live in cities by 2050, our urban environment in particular needs a huge renovation. Below is Michael Chappell’s Sustainability: What it means for our cities […]