24 July

ICTC & Mainstreet Conference 2015

Pracsys’ own Principal Consultant, Jason McFarlane, recently presented at the ICTC & Mainstreet Conference 2015 on maximising place value using arts and technology. You can see his full speaker notes here.

27 March

PIA Presentation – March 2014

A recent presentation to the Planning Institute of Australia’s National Congress exploring the nature of change, and why planning and economic development initiatives need to look beyond trends if they are to be successful in delivering transformation.

12 March

Love Local Presentation for Pollinators

This is a brief presentation given to “We Love Local? The ethics, marketing and economics of buying local” webinar hosted by Pollinators in Geraldton. We felt it was important for attendees to appreciate that a consumer’s perception of value can be made up of many elements.

25 June

Vision-Based Activity Centre Planning

A presentation for the Perth chapter of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management on the evolution of activity centre planning from a focus on compliance to a focus on performance.  Central to the presentation was the emphasis on the need for all centre planning to incorporate a vision that specifies a desired: Change […]

20 May
15 March
3 December

Evidence-based decision-making in Peel

A workshop exploring the potential to support evidence-based decision-making through the application of consistent, reliable and relevant performance standards. Exciting stuff!

26 November
19 November
26 September