Pracsys and City of Swan Scoop at the 2016 WA Planning Awards

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The City of Swan Strategy for an Aging Population by Pracsys and City of Swan have won the 2016 Planning Institute of Australia award for “Best Planning Ideas – Large Project”.

The City of Swan have recognised the need for a strong, inclusive, implementable strategy to ensure their residents are able to enjoy an excellent quality of life and social inclusion as they “age in place”. In collaboration with Pracsys, the City of Swan developed a strategy to understand the needs of their current and future aged residents and ensure active steps are taken to cater for these needs. The vision of the strategy is two-fold, to ensure a high quality of life:
“Seniors have a high quality of life for their entire lifespan through physical and mental wellness. Deliver target initiatives that improve accessibility, provide opportunities for ageing in place, increase the quality of health and improved perceptions of safety.”
And social inclusion:
“Value the contribution that aged residents make to the social and economic fabric of the City. Actively engage seniors to participate
in society for mutual benefit of the community and individuals.”

Following the Pracsys principle of “evidence-based decision making”, the City of Swan and Pracsys identified seven key outcomes that will be needed to achieve the objectives of the vision, and a series of measureable goals to put the vision into action. The impact of each goal can be measured over time to allow the success of the vision to be tested, and actions adjusted as needed.

Pracsys would like to thank the City of Swan for the opportunity to collaborate on the strategy and look forward to hearing about the success of the strategy.