AFLProject Completed: 2013


Australian Rules Football is the largest spectator sport in Australia with competitions spanning from the professional Australian Football League to the amateur and junior competitions. The AFL were seeking to centralise all aspects of the sport and its development in the context of existing governance structures, and inequities in the relationship between Western Australian stakeholders and the AFL.

Pracsys was commissioned by the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) to prepare a baseline network map of the relationships, agreements and flows of inputs and outputs that make up the sport of AFL.


In particular, the mapping exercise focused upon Western Australia’s existing AFL structures, and their interrelationships with the AFL, and the eastern states. Through a series of workshops with DSR, a master systems map was developed. These considered linkages between major stakeholders and assets including financial transactions and agreements, the assignment of rights and responsibilities, infrastructure holdings and partnerships and subsidiary arrangements amongst other factors.


Following the analysis developed by Pracsys, the briefing was handed to Western Australia’s Premier and Cabinet to advise the strategic approach to negotiations with the AFL about the future of football commission to WA AFL licenses and the access to the new stadium.


Department of Sport and Recreation

Pracsys team involved in the project:

Michael Chappell

Jason McFarlane