Project Completed: 2013


The City of Bayswater required a comprehensive analysis of commercial, retail and industrial activity to support a variety of future planning instruments and to provide an evidence base for decisions. The scope of the analysis was to cover the whole City of Bayswater, but was targeted the potential for future growth at activity centres identified as ‘focus areas for change’ in the 2010 Housing Strategy.

Pracsys was engaged to develop this comprehensive analysis of the region.


Pracsys undertook a comprehensive analysis of current and future trends, activity centre performance, floorspace demand and employment. A number of challenges for future growth were highlighted, in particular the need for high frequency public transport infrastructure in Morley to attract strategic industries to the area.

As part of developing the evidence base for the analysis, a range of different consultation tools were used. These included:

  • Workshops with City of Bayswater planning officers to explore the desired future of activity centres;
  • An online survey to gain input on the challenges and advantages of all activity centre locations for business owners; and
  • Meetings with key activity centre stakeholders and relevant business associations to better understand their future intentions, challenges and location advantages.


As a result of the analysis conducted by Pracsys, Bayswater is currently progressing with their own Local, Commercial and Activity Centre Strategy.

Retail economic assessment and advice, population/demographic studies and forecasts, structure plans, activity centre plans, activity corridor plans, facilitation and community consultation.


City of Bayswater

Pracsys team:

Jason McFarlane (Principal Consultant), Suzie Turner (Senior Consultant)