Applecross Main StreetProject Completed: 2013


The City of Melville Local, Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy (LCACS) is one of the first such documents to be prepared since the State Planning Policy 4.2: Activity Centres for Perth and Peel replaced the Metropolitan Centres Policy. The new policy takes a more holistic view of activity and sets up a framework for measuring the performance of activity, rather than focusing on retail activity and using a single control, floorspace caps, to limit development. Within this framework, Pracsys have developed a comprehensive set of performance metrics to measure in detail the performance of activity centres in terms of economic sustainability and urban form.


The approach to the project is focused on the following key elements:

  • Understanding the policy objectives and current trends in activity centre development
  • Understanding the needs of activity centre users – residents, visitors, workers and firms
  • Understanding the needs of activity centre regulators and owners
  • Understanding the ability of the local government to control, influence and monitor activity centre development
  • Using employment allocation modelling, demonstrate how the activity centres network can assist in meeting the central sub-regional employment target
  • Analysing population demand for employment and amenities using gravity modelling and project future demand
  • Setting the future expectations, targets, and performance indicators for all activity centres, to facilitate a clearer, more effective development approval process for developers and assessors alike.


The set of performance metrics developed by Pracsys to assess activity centre performance has been designed to be used for activity centres of all types, at all scales and across Australia. These metrics build on the framework of the current policy and provide reliable, replicable measures of activity centre performance that can be used to assist decision-making for activity centres at all levels, from high level policy-making, strategic planning down to local government policy-making and development approvals.

Client:   City of Melville

Pracsys team involved with the project:

Suzie Turner (Project Director)