Cultural Ecology MapProject Completed: 2012


The Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) was looking to understand the relationships between the funded dance companies and the state’s major performance venues through the development of a cultural ecology map. The map would be an essential input into determining how the Department can more effectively sponsor the provision of arts and cultural services to the public.

DCA commissioned Pracsys to develop and analyse a cultural ecology network map of the major funded dance companies and venues for the DCA.


The network map graphically represented the extent, strength and interdependencies of relationships for the entire dance sector and provided identification of network gaps and strategic issues to be addressed in future planning and resourcing.


The findings from this analysis were to be supplemented by an independent evaluation of the quality, reach and impact of the outputs produced by the sector, both from a public, expert and WA community perspective. This information led towards the DCA’s goals to enable full assessment of the sector’s contribution and value. Pracsys has since been appointed to produce a similar map for the crafts sector.


Department of Culture and the Arts

Pracsys Team involved in the project:

Michael Chappell (Project Director)

Michael Knight