Canning City CentreProject Completed: 2011


Quality planning decisions are made with the best data available and with a clear understanding of the future roles and function of an activity Centre. The Canning City Centre has suffered from a history of questionable planning decisions due in part to poor quality data and a poor understanding of its purpose. Pracsys was commissioned by the City of Canning to provide an economic analysis of the Canning City Centre so that informed decisions can be made in the future.


Pracsys produced a detailed briefing note highlighting the analysis of the centre including user mix (residents, workers, visitors), employment analysis and targets, drivers of economic growth for the centre and the overall performance of the centre.


Canning City Centre is well positioned geographically to become a more diverse and attractive centre, capable of offering an alternative to the Perth CBD, for persons and business located in the South-West. The analysis provided by Pracsys proceeded to the preparation for a rejuvenation strategy for the Canning City Centre.


City of Canning

Pracsys team involved in the project:

Jason McFarlane

Suzie Turner

Kaitlyn Scannell