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The Department of Planning’s vision for the Gascoyne is to be “one of the most attractive and diverse regions in WA where residents and visitors alike will enjoy the region’s significant environmental assets whilst ensuring access to a range of services”. The ability of the region to achieve this goal relies on a strong link between increasing employment and developing sustainable local communities. Growing populations cannot be sustained without the provision of housing. This requires pragmatic decision-making, effective planning, community participation and support from a range of government and private sector stakeholders.


The report prepared by Pracsys, identifies an evidence base and online management system that can improve the communication and understanding of housing needs in four towns across the Gascoyne: Carnarvon, Exmouth, Denham, Gascoyne Junction as well as the settlement of Coral Bay. A housing demand model has been developed to provide an evidence base and common language around the housing situation in each town and settlement. Pracsys is currently working on a web interface that will ultimately display the results of the housing demand model. This is designed to be a dynamic model that can be continually updated via a web-interface to ensure continued accuracy.

 Outcome: Pracsys has since been appointed to apply this approach to other regional areas including the Mid West, Great Southern and South West. The outcomes of this study will provide vital support for future decisions about accommodation development.


Department of Housing & Gascoyne Development Commission

 Pracsys team involved in this project:

Michael Chappell (Project Leader)

Michael Brennan (Analyst)