Karrinyup Shopping CentreDescription:

Pracsys was appointed by AMP Capital to assist with planning the expansion of Karrinyup Shopping Centre and to provide an analysis of the implications for Karrinyup on government development and activity centres policy.The new State Government’s Activity Centres Policy requires that evidence of overall centre performance be presented on a range of dimensions including centre diversity, activity intensity, accessibility and employment. In particular, the Activity Centres Policy requires that employment outcomes be achieved by centre developments to drive the suburbanisation of jobs, in line with the sub-regional self-sufficiency targets set out in Directions 2031.


The approach undertaken by Pracsys focuses on three key areas:

  1. Market Impact Analysis
  2. Employment Allocation
  3. Centre Performance Measurement

Figure 1 illustrates the proposed approach to arrive at the economic parameters for the future planning of Karrinyup Activity Centre.


This project is currently in progress and will aid AMP Capital in providing guidance in the expansion of Karrinyup Shopping Centre.


AMP Capital

Pracsys team involved in this project:

Suzie Turner

Isabel Ceron

Rob Kyne