MandurahProject Completed: 2010

Description: The City of Mandurah is in the process of preparing an economic development framework. The economic development framework relies on two basic levels of prioritisation:

(i) designate strategic industries based on economic development criteria;

(ii) Identify and prioritise interventions

Pracsys was appointed to undertake detailed economic analysis of the City and surrounding areas to inform economic development criteria and assist in the designation of strategic industries.


The analysis focussed on three components:

  • Comparative advantage
  • Knowledge intensity
  • Employment quality


Pracsys prepared a technical briefing report summarising the rationale behind each criterion, a table summarising the results of the analysis and a description of the implications for the City of Mandurah.


City of Mandurah

Pracsys team involved in the project:

Jason McFarlane

Kaitlyn Scannell