Project Completed: March 2015


Pracsys was commissioned by the Peel Development Commission (PDC) to estimate the economic benefits relating to the redevelopment of the Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge (MTB).

The MTB is considered to be an integral part of the continued success of Mandurah City Centre. The bridge acts as the primary linkage between the west and east foreshores. Without it, a significant portion of Mandurah’s catchment would be isolated from the City Centre. This has implications for the vibrancy, viability and future growth of the City Centre.


The economic cost benefit analysis estimated the direct, indirect and induced economic impacts of investment in the traffic bridge. The analysis included consideration of:

  • Jobs created by quantity and type (including construction and post-construction jobs)
  • Investment in the local economy
  • Urbanisation benefits to the Mandurah Town Centre
  • Alignment to published economic objectives of the PDC and City of Mandurah


The outcomes of this analysis will supplement the Royalties for Regions Business Case prepared by the City of Mandurah in partnership with Main Roads.


Peel Development Commission

Pracsys Team:

Jason McFarlane (Project Director), Rob Kyne (Senior Consultant), Tony Duong (Analyst)