Mid West mapProject Completed: 2013


In 2012, Regional Development Australia – Mid West Gascoyne looked towards targeted investment as a means to build diverse and resilient economies and communities in the Mid West Gascoyne region. The challenge was to balance the ability of regional communities to attract and maintain strong economic driver industries while ensuring they have the capacity to accommodate future population growth.

Pracsys undertook a high-level situational analysis to examine issues and trends affecting the region’s driver industries and the challenges and opportunities this presented for the Mid West Gascoyne and its communities.


Pracsys approach the study by assessing and investigating the resource and energy sectors to inform a STEEP analysis. This analysis examined population and strategic drivers through the assessment of social, technological, environmental, economic and political factors at a global, national and local level. It assessed performance regionally as compared to national benchmarks by these factors.


The final output was a strategy describing the future work required to support the situational analysis and facilitate economic transition in the Mid West Gascoyne. Following the completion of this project, Pracsys continues to work with the RDA and Mid West Development Commission on Economic Development Strategies for the region.


Regional Development Australia – Mid West Gascoyne

Pracsys team involved in the project:

Jason MacFarlane (Project Director)

Sebastian Davies-Slate