Property Council Launches ‘Activity Centre Performance Toolkit’

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The Property Council has officially launched the South Australian Toolkit at the ‘Making Density Work’ Forum in Adelaide.

Developed by Pracsys, the Toolkit measures a set of simple, consistent metrics for economic activity and urban form performance that contribute toward the success of activity centres.

The Property Council’s advocacy of the Toolkit is driven by their belief that activity centres are the focal point of our communities, requiring new and evolving tools for measuring and delivering the many things that sustainable communities need.

Speaking at the launch, Andrew Grear, Executive Director of Statutory Planning at the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “the Pracsys toolkit contains some ground-breaking advances in activity centre performance measurement that the Department will be taking on board in our future policy and strategic plans.  We recognise the leadership of the Property Council in bringing these breakthroughs to South Australia and we endorse the direction taken”.

President of the Local Government Association and Mayor of Prospect, David O’Loughlin also endorsed the Toolkit as a “significant shift in focus for activity centre development in favour of commercial viability, activity diversification and making places for people.  Local government planning can learn much from this outcomes based approach and I commend this practical and balanced approach to all planning authorities”. His presentation at the launch discussed the way in which the toolkit can be used by local government to develop a dialogue with the community, to create better places that benefit the full spectrum of stakeholder interests.

Pracsys also demonstrated the use of our new mobile app for place planning. ‘Place Counts’ sits alongside the toolkit and collects valuable public feedback about why centre users are attracted to a place. For example, feedback from centre users about how safe they feel within a centre can be matched with the count of streetlights or CCTV cameras present to demonstrate the value of the investment in safety infrastructure.

The Activity Centre Performance Toolkit and Place Counts are now being trialled by local governments and centre owners across Australia.

People seeking more information about the Toolkit and Place Counts can contact us on (03) 9654 5775 or email