Totally Locally

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Last week I participated in the Mainstreet Australia Victorian conference. Among some great workshopping sessions focused on building local main street advantage, we had the pleasure of hearing from Chris Sands, the founder of Totally Locally in the UK.

Totally Locally originated in Chris’s West Yorkshire hometown and is now being implemented in over 50 UK towns. It encourages people to participate in their local community and economy, with a focus on local people, service, quality and pride. Rather than just a ‘Buy Local’ campaign, Totally Locally fosters communication, solidarity and sociability, both between businesses and throughout the local community. Check out this link to their wonderful manifesto:

One of the things I love about Totally Locally is that the (totally free, open source) marketing kit includes guidance on calculating the impact of local spending. For example, the ‘Fiver Fest’ campaign identifies that if every adult in a town spends just £5 per week in their local independent shops, it could be worth an extra £100 million per year to the local economy.

Local businesses are also encouraged to take a look at their supply chains, to see how many other local businesses are supported when you shop with them. A local grocer could stock produce from local farms, butchers and bakers; sell homemade crafts and soaps; use a local bookkeeper, window cleaner and courier; and overall support more than 20 local businesses.


Can you think of any Australian towns, activity centres or mainstreets that could benefit from going Totally Locally? I can!