10 May

Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

Round one of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program is open until 30th June 2017. The release of the Smart Cities Plan by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and recent launch of the new Smart Cities and Suburbs Grant Program, reflects a national focus on community projects involving innovation and technology. A […]

27 September

Value Capture Funding Potential

Following on from the ground-breaking value capture study conducted by Pracsys for the WA Department of Transport in 2015, a new study from the University of Queensland has confirmed the potential for 25% of rail infrastructure cost to be claimed back from property owners who experience an appreciation in the value of their land.  The […]

3 November

Seizing the Opportunity of Unsolicited Bids

The Western Australian State Government recently closed submissions for draft guidelines on unsolicited bids for the sale or lease of state-owned land. This initiative represents a significant opportunity for private sector parties to deal exclusively with the State in leveraging previously unavailable resources for projects that: Are unique and innovative; Result in an economic, social […]

20 February

Byford Districts Country Club Attracts RfR Funding

Great to see our clients at the Byford Districts Country Club attract 100% of the funding they applied for from the Western Australian State Government Royalties for Regions program. http://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/pages/StatementDetails.aspx?listName=StatementsBarnett&StatId=9071 This is a great example of a locally driven project where the Byford community actively built a compelling case for change. This project will not […]

8 December

Insanity is repeating the mistakes of the past and…

If media reports are correct, the structure of a potential ‘congestion tax’ for Western Australian seems lazy, poorly constructed and outdated. The proposed tax seems to slug the registration of all motor vehicles with a flat-rate fee (based on vehicle type). All vehicle owners will have to pay the tax – regardless of their location […]

31 October

Sunk Investment Sinks Strategy

Decentralising jobs away from existing agglomerations of activity is expensive and unproductive. A common response to the perceived negative impacts of sprawl is to seek to shift jobs to the urban fringes assuming that, by strengthening the relationship between where residents live and work, issues such as congestion and dormitory suburbs can be more effectively […]

21 October

City of Innovation Enabling Strategy – Academic Paper

Click on the following link to read the full Academic Paper written by Michael Chappell. City of Innovation Enabling Strategy Academic Paper Excerpt from the paper… “Problem Statement Traditional methods look at comparative rates of financial return on alternate uses of scarce capital. These methods examine the likelihood of future cashflows for well-understood activities, with […]

4 August

Cluster Mapping

The US Economic Development Administration, in partnership with Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan, have recently released an interactive database which maps ‘clusters’ throughout the country right down to the county level (see clustermapping.us). Clusters are agglomerations, or a critical mass, of business activity in a given industry (e.g. Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley). The […]

13 June

Garden City Expansion

The Western Australian Planning Commission has approved the expansion of AMP Capital’s Garden City shopping centre, allowing it to grow to 120,000sqm and making it one of WA’s largest shopping centres. Pracsys played a vital role in the Structure Plan, working within a multi-disclinary team to develop the strategy and provide the evidence base to […]

12 June

The new Perth Stadium

The State Government has announced the Westadium consortium, led by Brookfield Financial and John Laing as the preferred respondent to design, build, finance and maintain Perth’s new 60,000 seat stadium and sports precinct. The contract is currently in negotiation and is expected to be awarded mid-year. Pracsys provided specialist advice to the consortium which included […]