Our Company

We help you make better choices that benefit you and the community by taking into account what really matters.

About Us

Pracsys is a multi-disciplinary urban economics and strategy consulting firm helping clients to solve unique and challenging problems that shape our collective future. For over 20 years, Pracsys has provided data-driven advice to a broad range of State and Local Government agencies and private sector companies. We have the expertise and experience to help you, whatever the industry or sector.

Our toolkit is comprehensive allowing us to customise our work to suit your unique circumstances and the question at hand. We are experts in innovative quantitative analysis, modelling and forecasting, economic analysis, strategy and high-quality research.

Our point of difference is rigorous research and analysis, innovative methods applied with knowledge of the full range of influences and full immersion into the subject matter. We bring innovative thinking via the transfer and application of cross-sector knowledge. We work closely with you and stakeholders, believing strongly in collaborative approaches. You and stakeholders are the key decision makers, and we seek to provide effective and sustainable solutions for your long-term benefit. The models and methods we apply are comprehensive and the insights and advice we provide are clear and transparent. Our mission is to help deliver an optimal solution and make a real difference to the community.

The Team

We all share a passion for economics and making our communities more resilient through evidence-based decision-making.

Michael Chappell

Managing Director

  • Started the whole show
  • Keeper of standards
  • Success comes from experimentation
  • Fostering a fun and challenging workplace
  • Cares deeply about owning client problems and developing young talent
  • m: 0419 931 937

Dawson Demassiet-Huning

Principal Consultant – Business Development

  • Collaborative problem solver with a focus on client outcomes
  • Supported $290 million in successful funding applications
  • French, American and Aussie
  • At home in a spreadsheet
  • Obsessed with office ping pong
  • m: 0420 675 286

Ben Farhner


  • Passionate about communicating ideas effectively
  • Detail oriented
  • Always on the hunt for an efficient solution
  • Never not keen on a coffee
  • Loves watching sport and enjoying nature
  • t: (08) 9325 6551

Jason Cook


  • Fascinated by the interrelationship between geography and economics
  • Always looking forward to working with stakeholders from different industries
  • Using analytics to create positive change
  • Downtime is watching a film or at the gym
  • t: (08) 9325 6551

Callum Shenton


  • Uses numbers to help others achieve better outcomes
  • Gets a kick out of learning how something works
  • A day spent with loved ones, is a day well spent
  • A non-discriminatory sports watcher and avid podcast-listener
  • t: (08) 9325 6551

Clare Chappell

Office Manager

  • The Office Whip – with a smile
  • Keeps the money rolling in and the coffee bean stock high
  • Obsessed with food. Always on the hunt for the next feed.
  • Lives by the adage, a place for everything and everything in its place
  • Multi-tasking Wonder Woman
  • t: (08) 9325 6551