12 December

Why The Failure of Employment Decentralisation Policy Is Good For The Economy

For the last decade the WA Department of Planning has progressively been introducing policy measures to decentralise employment across the Perth Metropolitan Region. This policy was formalised in Directions 2031 and Beyond, State Planning Policy 4.2: Activity Centres for Perth and Peel, and more recently, Perth and Peel@ 3.5 million. The rationale behind the decentralisation […]

1 December

The Clash of Traditional Planning Controls and Emerging Business Models

In Western Australia what activities you can and can’t locate on any particular piece of land is governed by zones and land uses within a local planning scheme, each scheme unique to each local government area. Zones dictate the permissibility of different land uses in the area designated. Land uses describe a particular type of […]

4 August

Cluster Mapping

The US Economic Development Administration, in partnership with Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan, have recently released an interactive database which maps ‘clusters’ throughout the country right down to the county level (see clustermapping.us). Clusters are agglomerations, or a critical mass, of business activity in a given industry (e.g. Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley). The […]

13 June

Garden City Expansion

The Western Australian Planning Commission has approved the expansion of AMP Capital’s Garden City shopping centre, allowing it to grow to 120,000sqm and making it one of WA’s largest shopping centres. Pracsys played a vital role in the Structure Plan, working within a multi-disclinary team to develop the strategy and provide the evidence base to […]

8 November

Totally Locally

Last week I participated in the Mainstreet Australia Victorian conference. Among some great workshopping sessions focused on building local main street advantage, we had the pleasure of hearing from Chris Sands, the founder of Totally Locally in the UK. Totally Locally originated in Chris’s West Yorkshire hometown and is now being implemented in over 50 […]

8 October

Property Council Launches ‘Activity Centre Performance Toolkit’

The Property Council has officially launched the South Australian Toolkit at the ‘Making Density Work’ Forum in Adelaide. Developed by Pracsys, the Toolkit measures a set of simple, consistent metrics for economic activity and urban form performance that contribute toward the success of activity centres. The Property Council’s advocacy of the Toolkit is driven by […]

20 May
15 January

The retail ‘black swan’

Guy Rundle in Crikey on the dramatic decline of High Street Retail in the UK, and his take on implications for Australia. “But why should the troubles of UK retailers matter to Australians? After all, the US downtown collapsed ages ago and the shockwaves didn’t register. However, there were specific reasons for the US collapse: […]

19 November
12 October

Avoiding a slow and painful demise

DEPRECIATING ACTIVITY CENTRES I have recently had some very interesting conversations with clients and colleagues concerning the maturation of urban and regional activity centres. Often these conversations are predicated on the assumption that centres naturally become more mature over time, when in reality there is real risk of centres depreciating in terms of their economic […]