20 February

Byford Districts Country Club Attracts RfR Funding

Great to see our clients at the Byford Districts Country Club attract 100% of the funding they applied for from the Western Australian State Government Royalties for Regions program. http://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/pages/StatementDetails.aspx?listName=StatementsBarnett&StatId=9071 This is a great example of a locally driven project where the Byford community actively built a compelling case for change. This project will not […]

25 October

That’s not a Comparative Advantage

A comparative advantage exists when a geographic area can produce an output at a lower opportunity cost than another. Consider this example. Region A is the best region for producing both grapes and gold. In the production of both goods, Region A has an absolute advantage. Region B is relatively good at producing grapes (though […]

19 February

The Resilience Roundabout

I came across an article in The West this morning that further highlights the need to develop economic buffers in the regions to offset a reliance on any one driver industry. The article covers what Agriculture Minister Terry Redman describes as a “crisis engulfing WA’s Wheatbelt” that could result in more than 10 per cent of farmers in some […]

7 September

Developing Economic Buffers

Regional towns often lack the economic ‘buffers’ required to help them withstand major shocks or cyclical downturns in local and global markets. Market shocks and downturns are becoming more common as we move toward an increasingly globalised economy. The pattern of regional towns rising to boom towns and falling to subsidised towns (Figure 1) occurs […]

15 August

Exploring Regional Issues

Pracsys is fortunate enough to be involved in a number of regional projects which seek to understand and address a range of historic and emerging issues. We find the STEEP methodology (Social – Technological – Economic – Environmental – Political) to be a particularly useful tool to help identify and categorise issues. Recently I’ve been monitoring regional issues making the news and […]