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Economic Development Report
City of South Perth | 2021


  • Cluster Analysis
  • Economic Development Strategies
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Shift Share Analysis
  • Employment Quality Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Floorspace and Land Use Analysis
  • Commercial Needs Assessment
  • Economic, Retail and Employment Strategies


We were engaged by the City of South Perth to produce an Economic Development Report to assist the City’s creation of an Economic Development Plan. The project involved a complete socio-economic review of the City, formulation of strategic recommendations to foster economic development and two collaborative workshops with elected council members.


We began this project by undertaking a demographic, industry and employment analysis for each suburb in the City. This analysis allowed us to identify priority development areas for the City. We then used this analysis to undertake a collaborative workshop with elected council members. Based on insights gained from analysis and the workshop, we formulated over 30 evidence-based development recommendations focused on creating a business-friendly operating environment in the City, increasing tourism expenditure and creating employment opportunities.


We identified key comparative advantages of the local economy, such as the City having significant tourism offerings, multiple strategic employment centres and a highly skilled residential population. We identified avenues to leverage these comparative advantages and later assisted the City’s development of their Economic Development Plan.