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Infrastructure Australia Business Case
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 IA Business Case (Sport)


  • Gravity Modelling
  • Demand Analysis
  • Transport Economics
  • Business Case Development
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis


The Regional Sporting Facilities Program is a program that aims to deliver regional and district level sporting facilities within Perth’s Outer Metropolitan areas. Pracsys was engaged to prepare a submission to Infrastructure Australia to establish the Regional Sporting Facilities Program as a priority project on the Infrastructure Priority List and thereby secure Federal Government contributions of up to $350 million.


Stage 1 of the submission required development of a rigorous methodology to determine the current scale of sporting facility undersupply in Perth’s Outer Metropolitan region. A custom organised sport gravity model was developed to estimate demand for sporting facilities and to assess the equability of current sport facility distribution in Greater Perth.

Following this problem identification and quantification, we developed a longlist of potential options for addressing the problem. This longlist of options was refined through workshop consultation with key stakeholders and filtered to a final shortlist through a multi-criteria analysis. The feasibility of shortlisted options was assessed through detailed, temporal-spatial cost-benefit analysis to determine the optimal solution.


Infrastructure Australia accepted our gravity modelling approach as an appropriate method for estimating demand and the required spatial provision of sporting facilities. Our analysis identified a clear under-provision of sporting facilities in Perth’s Outer Metropolitan and evidenced the significant additional benefit of treating this problem through a coordinated, programmatic approach. The optimal schedule of facility delivery defined through the cost-benefit analysis process is currently being progressed to the detailed business case stage of the Infrastructure Australia priority project submission process, where it will be considered for funding.