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Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy
Town of Claremont | 2020


  • Commercial Activity Centre Strategy
  • Floorspace and Land Use Analysis
  • Economic, Retail and Employment Strategies


Pracsys was engaged by the Town of Claremont to prepare a Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy (LCACS). This LCACS was required to assist the Town in determining the appropriate distribution of floorspace and housing at activity centres until 2031.


We began this LCACS by firstly undertaking demographic and housing analysis for all activity centres in the Town. Activity centre floorspace profiles were then collected and broken down into PLUC categories. Based on this, we estimated the required increase in floorspace needed at each activity centre to accommodate a conservative, moderate and progressive population growth scenario. The required increase in floorspace for each growth scenario was then distributed across activity centres, accommodating Town plans and aspirations for each activity centre. Additionally, we used our six principles of activation to identify actions the Town could take to increase activation and improve outcomes at key activity centres.


We created three future floorspace profiles for each activity centre in the Town based on population growth scenarios. Our findings and recommendations were presented to local businesses and the community in an external community stakeholder workshop.