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Activity Centre Performance ToolkitThe Property Council of Australia | 2013

Activity Centre Performance Toolkit


  • Outcome Framework Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Industry Engagement
  • Activity Centre Performance Evaluation


Pracsys was engaged by the Property Council of Australia to design an evidence-based toolkit for decision making around activity centres. This toolkit needed to enable users to: demonstrate the value of development proposals; measure the performance of centres based on size, type, and maturity; and, assess the viability of proposed developments.


Development of the Activity Centre Performance Toolkit required a significant amount of research and consultation. We undertook a rigorous literature review to identify the key characteristics for activity centre performance. We then consulted with key stakeholders across the government and commercial sectors to determine a final set of relevant characteristics that represent a successful activity centre. To complete our toolkit, we developed metrics to measure an activity centres performance based on these characteristics.


The Activity Centre Performance Toolkit identifies 10 key characteristics relevant to Activity Centre performance and provides simple, consistent metrics to measure these characteristics. This allows assessment of centre strengths and weaknesses, comparison and benchmarking, and a way for centre owners or stakeholders to map a path to long-term centre sustainability and vitality.