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Neighbourhood Activity Centre Analysis
City Of Perth | 2020

City of Perth - Neighbourhood Activity Centre Analysis


  • Land Use and Floorspace Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Retail Needs Assessment
  • Gravity Modelling
  • Activity Centre Performance Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Initiative and Action Development


The City of Perth required an understanding of the drivers for population driven floorspace in its neighbourhoods to support future planning documents. Pracsys was approached to analyse the current provision of retail, health, education, office, and entertainment related floorspace across the City’s six neighbourhoods and the retail core. The analysis was required to support strategies to achieve improved levels of activation within activity centres.


We analysed the user mix for each of the City’s neighbourhood centres and the retail core, determining the quantum and spending potential of each. We then identified the floorspace provision for each floorspace type within each activity centre and developed a gap analysis model to identify the required floorspace for different users. We then developed a gravity model to evaluate floorspace distribution and consumer demand. The model was used to assess the capacity for the local population to support a benchmarked level of neighbourhood centre floorspace. Future demand for floorspace was developed based on population growth estimates for each activity centre. Economic activation principles were used to assess all activity centres in the City and develop evidence-based actions to support higher levels of activation.


We provided a benchmarked floorspace mix and specific floorspace allocations for each activity centre that would achieve a higher level of turnover and increase the viability of local businesses. A set of detail actions was provided to guide resident, visitor and worker attraction to the activity centres, increase duration of stay for all users, and support higher levels of activation.