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Retail Sustainability Assessment
Spudshed Midland | 2018



  • Retail Needs Assessment
  • Retail Sustainability (Impact) Assessment
  • Gravity Modelling


Pracsys was engaged by a Private Developer to conduct a Retail Sustainability Assessment (RSA) for the development of a Spudshed in Midland. We were asked to complete an RSA to determine the impact of the development on nearby centres, as there had been numerous objections to this development on the basis that its estimated impacts were above the 10% threshold for centre sustainability.


We used a Retail Gravity model to estimate the supply of, and demand for, retail floorspace within the area. This was used to estimate the potential impacts of the development on local centres. We also assessed the community benefits of the development and determined which centres Spudshed would be competing with, as its operations differ from typical convenience-based centres.


Our Impact modelling showed that the development’s estimated impacts were well below the 10% threshold and the sustainability of the centre’s hierarchy would be preserved. We also showed that the addition of a Spudshed in Midland would offer variety and improve competition in the area, benefitting consumers. In July 2018, the Development Application was approved by the JDAP, with our RSA being instrumental in gaining the JDAP support.[1]

[1] Midland Reporter, 18 July 2018, Spudshed wins battle of Bellevue after approval for old Military Market site

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