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Karrinyup Structure PlanPrivate Developer | 2016


  • Employment Impact Analysis
  • Activity Centre Performance Evaluation
  • Retail Needs Assessment
  • Retail Sustainability (Impact)Assessment
  • Gravity Modelling


Private Developer required retail analysis to assist in planning the expansion of the Karrinyup Shopping Centre. Pracsys was requested to undertake a Retail Sustainability Assessment (RSA) to ensure the project aligned with the requirements of the State Planning Policy 4.2 (SPP 4.2) for activity centres in Perth and Peel.


We conducted demographic analysis of the surrounding catchment and used our retail gravity model to estimate future floorspace demand for the activity centre. The results from our modelling were then used to develop sustainable floorspace recommendations for the centre. The findings from our RSA were used to ensure developments met future floorspace demand in the catchment and requirements of SPP 4.2.


We recommended a floorspace mix and size that aligned with state policy requirements using our retail gravity model. Our method was upheld by the WAPC through a Development Application Panel process and the Karrinyup Structure Plan was approved.

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