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Economic, Retail and Employment Strategy
City of Wanneroo | 2018

City of Wanneroo (TBB) - ERE Strategy (Floorspace Focus)


  • Employment Quality Analysis
  • Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Land Use and Floorspace Analysis
  • Retail Needs Assessment
  • Economic Retail and Employment Strategy


The City of Wanneroo needed to understand the drivers for employment floorspace in and around the Wanneroo Town Centre as part of a Town Centre Planning Framework Review. Pracsys was engaged to prepare an Economic, Retail and Employment Strategy (ERES) in support of the review.


To develop our ERES we identified the centre’s current strengths and future growth opportunities. This included an assessment of the town centre’s performance. We then analysed employment quality and forecasted population to develop three future growth scenarios in terms of employment and floorspace. Our growth scenarios outlined a future mix of medium and high-density residential population, and commercial floorspace estimates for the centre.


A report outlining a series of recommendations was presented to the DCA and will require them to produce its own project plan and consider available or additional resources for the implementation of such recommendations.